First World War Canadian Formation, Corps and Regimental Histories
(including personal accounts)

Formation Histories

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First Canadian  Division

First Canadian Division

The Old Red Patch: The 1st Canadian Division 1915-1988   Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1988

Canadian Artillery

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General History

Nicholson, Gerald W. L.  The Gunners of Canada : the History of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery (Volume I : 1534-1919McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, ON: 1967 (478pp.)

Royal Canadian Engineers

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General History

Kerry, A.J and W.A. McDill The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers   Military Engineers Association of Canada, 1962-1966.

Canadian Signals Corps

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General History

Moir, John S. Editor  edited by John S. Moir History of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 1903-1961 / written by officers of the corps Ottawa, ON  1962

Canadian Army Service Corps

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General History

Warren, Arnold  Wait for the Wagon : the story of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps   McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, Ontario, 1961. (413pp.)

Canadian Army Medical Corps

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General History

Nicholson, Gerald W. L. Seventy Tears of Service : a History of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps   Ottawa : Borealis Press, 1977. (388pp.)
    Cameron, Kenneth. History of no. 1 General hospital, Canadian expeditionary force : Canadian expeditionary force ; no. 1 Canadian general hospital, 1914-1919 / by Kenneth Cameron, with a record of the work of the medical division by Lieut-Colonel Norman B. Gwynand a note upon the treatment of fracture of the femur by Lieut-Colonel Fred J. Tees.  Sackville, NB: The Tribune Press, 1938.  (667pp)

Canadian Ordnance Corps

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General History

Rannie, William F., Editor.  To the Thunderer His Arms: the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps/written by members of the Corps, W.F. Rannie, Lincoln, ON 1984 (360pp.)

Canadian Cavalry


Lord Strathcona's Horse

Fraser, W.B. Always a Strathcona   Comprint Pub. Co.,Calgary, AB, 1976. (252 pp.)

Royal Canadian Dragoons

Greenhous, Brereton. - Dragoon : the Centennial History of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, 1883-1983. Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, Ottawa, ON : 1983. (557 pp.)

Machine Gun Corps

      Lynch, Alex. - Dad, the Motors and the Fifth Army show: Privately printed,  Westport, ON, 1978

Canadian Infantry

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First Canadian   Division

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1st Battalion Greenhous, Brereton (Editor)  Semper Paratus : the History of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment), 1862-1977 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Historical Association, Hamilton, ON,  1977.
2bn.gif (950 bytes) 2nd Battalion Murray, W.W.  The History of the 2nd Canadian Battalion (East Ontario Regiment) CEF in the Great War 1914-1919  Ottawa, ON: 1947
3bn.gif (963 bytes) 3rd Battalion Goodspeed, Donald James  Battle Royal : a History of the The Royal Regiment of Canada, 1862-1962 Royal Regiment of Canada Association, Toronto, c1962.
4bn.gif (956 bytes) 4th Battalion  
5bn.gif (950 bytes) 5th Battalion  
7bn.gif (936 bytes) 7th Battalion  
8bn.gif (949 bytes) 8th Battalion Tascona, Bruce and Eric Wells. Little Black Devils: A History of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles
10bn.gif (941 bytes) 10th Battalion Dancocks, Daniel G.  Gallant Canadians: The Story of the Tenth Canadian Infantry Battalion 1914-1919  Calgary, AB: Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation, 1990. 
13bn.gif (965 bytes) 13th Battalion Hutchison, Paul P.  Canada's Black Watch: The First 100 Years (1862-1962)  The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, Don Mills, ON, 1962.
14bn.gif (950 bytes) 14th Battalion Fetherstonhaugh, Robert C.  The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, CEF   1927
15bn.gif (963 bytes) 15th Battalion Ackland, P.P.All Else is Folly is a novel based on the author's experiences with the 15th Bn.
Beatty, Kim:   Dileas (The History of the 48th Highlanders 1881 - 1928)
Currie, Lt. Col. John. The Red Watch: With the First Canadian Division in Flanders McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart, Toronto, ON. 1916  (294pp.)
16bn.gif (956 bytes) 16th Battalion Urquhart, Hugh MacIntrye.  The History of the 16th Battalion (The Canadian Scottish) Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War 1914-1919  Toronto, ON: Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd., 1932

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Second Canadian  Division


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18th Battalion  
19bn.gif (950 bytes) 19th Battalion  
20bn.gif (963 bytes) 20th Battalion Corrigall, David J.  The History of the Twentieth Canadian Battalion, Central Ontario Regiment: Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War 1914-1918   Toronto, ON: Stone & Cox, for the Trustees of the Twentieth Canadian Battalion, 1935.  (268pp.)
Frost, Leslie M. Fighting Men. -Clarke, Irwin, Toronto, ON :1967. (262 pp.)
21bn.gif (956 bytes) 21st Battalion  
22bn.gif (965 bytes) 22nd Battalion Chaballe, Joseph.  Histoire du 22e Bataillon Canadien-Francais   Montreal, PQ: Les editions Chatecler Ltee., 1952
Gagnon, Jean-Pierre.  Le 22e bataillon (canadien-francais), 1914-1919: Une etude socio-militaire  Quebec, PQ: Presses de l'universite Laval, 1986
24bn.gif (950 bytes) 24th Battalion Fetherstonhaugh, R.C.  The 24th Battalion CEF Victoria Rifles of Canada 1914-1919   Montreal, PQ: Gazette Printing Co., 1930
25bn.gif (963 bytes) 25th Battalion McDonald, F.B. and John J. Gardner  The Twenty-Fifth Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force: Nova Scotia's Famous Regiment in World War One   Sydney, NS: City Printers, 1983
26bn.gif (956 bytes) 26th Battalion Gould, R.W. and S.K. Smith The Glorious Story of the Fighting 26th   Montreal, PQ: Montreal Standard, 1918
MacGowan, S. Douglas, Harry (Mac) Heckbert and Byron O'Leary  New Brunswick's Fighting 26th - A History of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion, C. E. F. 1914-1919  (428pp.)
27bn.gif (950 bytes) 27th Battalion  

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28th Battalion  

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29th Battalion Clyne, H.R.N.  Vancouver's 29th  Vancouver, BC: Tobin's Tigers Association, 1964
McLeod, John N.  A Pictorial Record and Original Muster Roll, 29th Battalion, Vancouver, Canada  ISBN 0659916304

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31st Battalion Fraser, Donald (Edited by Reginald Roy). The Journal of Private Fraser, 1914-1918, Canadian Expeditionary Force  Nepean, ON: CEF Books, 1998 (334 pp) ISBN 1896979289
Singer, H.C.  History of the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion, CEF   1938

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Third Canadian  Division

rcr.gif (968 bytes) The Royal Canadian Regiment Stacey, Charles Perry 100 years : the Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1983 Collier-Macmillan, Don Mills, ON, 1983. (184 pp.)
ppcli.gif (950 bytes) Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Adamson, Agar. Letters of Agar Adamson, 1914 to 1919: Lieutenant Colonel, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry  Nepean, ON:  CEF Books, 1997
Bercuson, David.  The Patricias: The Proud History of a Fighting Regiment   Stoddart, 2001.  (320pp)  ISBN 0773732985
Hodder-Williams, Ralph.  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1914-1919   Toronto, ON: Hodder & Stoughton, 1923
With the Patricia's In Flanders 1914-1918: Then & Now. ISBN 0-96876-960-8 (266 pp)
Williams, Jeffery Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry: Leo Cooper ; in association with Secker & Warburg, London, 1985. (124 pp.
42bn.gif (963 bytes) 42nd Battalion Hutchison, Paul P.  Canada's Black Watch: The First 100 Years (1862-1962)  The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, Don Mills, ON, 1962.
Topp, C. Beresford  The 42nd Battalion CEF, Royal Highlanders of Canada   Montreal, PQ: Gazette Printing Co., 1931
49bn.gif (956 bytes) 49th Battalion  
1cmr.gif (965 bytes) 1st CMR  
2cmr.gif (950 bytes) 2nd CMR  
4cmr.gif (963 bytes) 4th CMR Bennett, S.G.  The 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-1919   Toronto, ON: Murray Printing Company, 1926
5cmr.gif (956 bytes) 5th CMR  
43bn.gif (965 bytes) 43rd Battalion Tyler, G.C.A.  The Lion Rampant: A Pictorial History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 1910-1985.   Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, Winnipeg, MB, 1985.

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52nd Battalion  

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58th Battalion  

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60th Battalion  
116th Battalion  
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Fourth Canadian
44bn.gif (950 bytes) 44th Battalion Russenholt, E.S.  Six Thousand Canadian Men: Being the History of the 44th Battalion, Canadian Infantry, 1914-1919  Winnipeg, MB: De Montfort Press, 1932
46bn.gif (936 bytes) 46th Battalion  
47bn.gif (949 bytes) 47th Battalion Luciuk, Lubomyr Y.  Konowal: A Canadian Hero  Kingston, ON: Published for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 360 by Kashtan Press, 2000
50bn.gif (941 bytes) 50th Battalion Van der Schee, W.  Nominal Rolls: 50th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1915  Calgary, AB: Alberta Family Histories Society, 1994.   (43pp.) ISBN 1895717396
Wheeler, Victor W.  The 50th Battalion in No Man's Land  Calgary, AB: Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, 1980
54bn.gif (965 bytes) 54th Battalion  
75bn.gif (950 bytes) 75th Battalion Becker, John Harold.  Silhouettes of the Great War: The Memoir of Corporal Harold Becker, 1915-1919: 75th Canadian Infantry Battalion  Ottawa, ON: CEF Books, 2001
87bn.gif (963 bytes) 87th Battalion  
102bn.gif (956 bytes) 102nd Battalion  
38bn.gif (965 bytes) 38th Battalion  
72bn.gif (950 bytes) 72nd Battalion  
73bn.gif (963 bytes) 73rd Battalion Hutchison, Paul P.  Canada's Black Watch: The First 100 Years (1862-1962)  The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, Don Mills, ON, 1962.
78th Battalion  
78bn.gif (956 bytes) 78th Battalion  
85th Battalion Hayes, Joseph.  The Eighty-Fifth in France and Flanders   Halifax, NS: Royal Print and Litho, 1920