Second World War Canadian Formation, Corps and Regimental Histories
(including personal accounts)

Formation Histories

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First Canadian  Division

First Canadian Division

The Old Red Patch: The 1st Canadian Division 1915-1988   Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1988

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Second Canadian  Division

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Fifth Canadian Brigade

Copp, Terry  The Brigade : the Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade, 1939-45 Fortress Publications, Stoney Creek, ON, 1992.

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Fourth Canadian (Armoured) Division

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Fourth Canadian Armoured Brigade

Europe, July 1944-May 1945 : A Brief History of the 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade in Action July 1944-May 1945 : West Brothers, Mitcham, England   1945. (47pp.)

Royal Canadian Artillery

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General History

Falconer, D. W. Battery Flashes of W.W. II : a Thumb-nail Sketch of Canadian Artillery Batteries during the 1939-1945 Conflict 1985.
Nicholson, Gerald W. L.  The Gunners of Canada : the History of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery  McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, ON: c1967-1972 (Two Volumes)

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First Canadian  Division

sign12fd.gif (1007 bytes) 1st Field Regiment Mitchell, George Duncan  RCHA-Right of the Line: An Anecdotal History of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery from 1871 RCHA History Committee, Ottawa, ON, 1986. (303 pp.)
sign13fd.gif (1005 bytes) 2nd Field Regiment Duquemin, Colin Keates "Stick to the Guns!": A Short History of the 10th Field Battery, Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, St. Catharines, Ontario Norman Enterprises, St. Catharines, ON, 1996.
The History of the Second Field Regiment, R.C.A., Sep 1939-Jun 1945. [Ontario? 19--]
sign14fd.gif (1008 bytes) 3rd Field Regiment Davis, Eldon S.  An Awesome Silence: A Gunner Padre's Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow   Creative Bound Inc., Carp, ON  (142pp.)

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Second Canadian  Division

sign12fd.gif (1007 bytes) 4th Field Regiment Blackburn, George G  Where the Hell Are the Guns?  McClelland & Stewart, Toronto,  1997.
Blackburn, George G   The Guns of Normandy  McClelland & Stewart, Toronto,  1995.
Blackburn, George G  The Guns of Victory McClelland & Stewart, Toronto,  1996.
Jackson, H.M. The Royal Regiment of Artillery, Ottawa, 1855-1952  Ottawa, 1952
sign14fd.gif (1008 bytes) 6th Field Regiment

The Six Years of 6 Canadian Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery September 1939 - September 1945  Bilthoven, Holland, 1945

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Third Canadian  Division
sign12fd.gif (1007 bytes) 12th Field Regiment Bell, Captain. T. J., MC Into Action With the 12th Field 1940-1945
sign13fd.gif (1005 bytes) 13th Field Regiment Barrett, Lieutenant W.W. The History of 13 Canadian Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery 1940-1945
sign14fd.gif (1008 bytes) 14th Field Regiment Ruffee, Lieutenant G.E.M. and Lance Bombardier J.B. Dickie. The History of 14 Field Regiment 1940-1945

Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers

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General History

Kerry, A.J and W.A. McDill The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers   Military Engineers Association of Canada, 1962-1966.

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

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General History

Moir, John S. Editor  edited by John S. Moir History of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, 1903-1961 / written by officers of the corps Ottawa, ON  1962

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

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General History

Warren, Arnold  Wait for the Wagon : the story of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps   McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, Ontario, 1961. (413pp.)

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

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General History

Feasby, W.R. (Editor)  Official History of the Canadian Medical Services 1939-1945  Queen's Printer, Ottawa, ON, 1956
Nicholson, Gerald W. L. Seventy Tears of Service : a History of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps   Ottawa : Borealis Press, 1977. (388pp.)

Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps

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General History

Rannie, William F., Editor.  To the Thunderer His Arms: the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps/written by members of the Corps, W.F. Rannie, Lincoln, ON 1984 (360pp.)

Canadian Provost Corps

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General History

Ritchie, Andrew R.   Watchdog: A History of the Canadian Provost Corps   University of Toronto Press, Toronto, ON, 1995. (344 pp.)

Canadian Armoured Corps

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General History

Marteinson, J.K.  The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps: An Illustrated History  Toronto, ON: Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association, 2000
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First Canadian Army

The Elgin Regiment

Curchin, Leonard A.  The Elgins: The Story of the Elgin Regiment (RCAC) and its Predecessors  St. Thomas, ON: Sutherland Press, 1977.
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I Canadian Corps
The Royal Canadian Dragoons

Greenhous, Brereton.  Dragoon: The Centennial History of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, 1883-1983  Belleville, ON: Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, 1983.

Worthington, L.  Spur and Sprocket

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II Canadian Corps

12th Manitoba Dragoons

Henry, Charles E.  Regimental History of the 18th Armoured Car Regiment  Deventer: Nederlandsche Diepdruk Inrichting, 1945
Tascona, Bruce.  XII Manitoba Dragoons: A Tribute  1991
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First Armoured Brigade
173.gif (1041 bytes) The Ontario Regiment Schragg, Alexander Andrew.  History of the Ontario Regiment 1866-1951  Oshawa, ON: Ontario Regiment Association, 1952.
Robert McLaughlin Gallery.  The Ontario Regiment RCAC: 125 Years  Oshawa, ON: The Gallery, 1990.
174.gif (1045 bytes) The Three Rivers Regiment Jones, Gwilym:  To the Green Fields Beyond: A Soldier's Story  Burnstown, ON:  General Store Publishing House, 1993
175.gif (1036 bytes) The Calgary Regiment Maltby, R.G.  (Editor)  The Calgary Regiment  Hilversum, Holland: De Jong and Co. 1945
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Second Armoured Brigade
51.gif (971 bytes) 1st Hussars Conron, Brandon.  A History of the First Hussars Regiment, 1856-1980  London, ON: 1981
Stark, Foster M.  A History of the First Hussars Regiment 1856-1945  London, ON: 1951
52.gif (969 bytes) Fort Garry Horse Marteinson, J.K. and G.T. Service  The Gate: A History of the Fort Garry Horse 1971
Wilson, Eric Mackay (Editor)  Vanguard: The Fort Garry Horse in the Second World War  Doetinchem, Netherlands:   Uitgevers-Maatschappij 1945
53.gif (972 bytes) Sherbrooke Fusiliers  
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First Canadian  Division
signdoy.gif (1005 bytes) 4th Reconaissance Regiment (Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)

Jackson, Harold McGill The Princess Louise Dragoon Guards: A History 1951

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Second Canadian  Division
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VIII Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars)

Williams, C.D. (Editor) Sabertache: The Memorial Journal of the VIII Recce Association March 1966
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Third Canadian  Division
signdoy.gif (1005 bytes) 7th Recconnaissance Regiment
(17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)
Pavey, Captain Walter G. An Historical Account of the 7th Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars) in The World War 1939-1945
Stephen, Lorne Edwin Bash On Recce! Memoirs of a Canadian Armoured Reconnaissance Regimental Officer, 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, 7th Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment, Montreal Best Read Books, Ottawa, ON, 1997 (237 pp.)
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Fourth Canadian (Armoured) Division
45.gif (1009 bytes) 29th Armoured Reconaissance Regiment (The South Alberta Regiment)

Graves, Donald E. South Albertas : a Canadian Regiment at War Toronto : Robin Brass

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21st Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Governor General's Foot Guards) The Regimental History of the Governor General's Foot Guards [prepared by a committee of the Guards] : Mortimer, Ottawa, ON, 1948. (268 pp.)

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22nd Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Canadian Grenadier Guards) Duguid, Archer Fortescue History of the Canadian Grenadier Guards, 1760-1964 Gazette, Montreal, PQ, 1965. (520 pp.)

53.gif (972 bytes)

28th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment) Harker, Douglas E The Dukes : The Story of the Men Who Served in Peace and War With The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) 1883-1973 British Columbia Regiment, Vancouver, BC, 1974. (438 pp.)

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Fifth Canadian (Armoured) Division

45.gif (1009 bytes) The Governor General's Horse Guards The Governor General's Horse Guards 1939-45  Published by the Regiment, 1953.
51.gif (971 bytes) Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Cunniffe, Richard.   The Story of a Regiment: Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)   Calgary, AB:  Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Society, 1995
McAvity, James Malcolm.  Lord Srathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians): A Record of Achievement  Toronto, ON: Brigdens, 1947
52.gif (969 bytes) 8th Princess Louise Hussars How, Douglas.  The 8th Hussars  1964
53.gif (972 bytes) British Columbia Dragoons Roy, Reginald,   Sinews of Steel: The History of the British Columbia Dragoons.   Kelowna, BC: British Columbia Dragoons, 1965.

Canadian Infantry Corps

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First Canadian Army

The Royal Montreal Regiment

Fetherstonhaugh, R. C.  The Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925-1945  Westmount, PQ:  Royal Montreal Regiment, 1949

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First Canadian   Division

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The Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.) Mitchell, Howard My War With The Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.), 1939-1945 Rosetown Publishing Company, Fiske, SK, 1980? (129 pp.)
Walker, Drayton Ernest A Resume of The Story of 1st Battalion, the Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.) General Printing & Bookbinding, Saskatoon, SK, 1947.
1st Battalion, the Saskatoon Light Infantry MG, Canadian Army Overseas: Honour roll, 10th July, 1943 to 8th May, 1945, Sicily, Italy, Holland Gale & Polden, Aldershot, UK, 1945.
signwpg.gif (965 bytes) The Royal Canadian Regiment Brodsky, Stephen God's Dodger Sidney, BC:  Elysium Publishing Co., 1993 (248pp)
Galloway, Strome Bravely Into Battle: The Autobiography of A Canadian Soldier in World War Two Stoddart, Toronto, ON, 1988.
Galloway, Strome "55 Axis": With The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1939-1945 Provincial Publishing Co, Montreal, PQ, c1946. (232 pp.)
Galloway, Strome The General Who Never Was Mika, Belleville, ON, 1981
Stacey, Charles Perry 100 years : the Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1983 Collier-Macmillan, Don Mills, ON, 1983. (184 pp.)
signreg.gif (969 bytes) The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Bradford, R.D.  Decorations and Awards Received During World War II 1939-1945 by the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment  Belleville,  ON: The Regimental Senate, 1986 (115pp)
Capon, Alan R.  Mascots of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment   Picton,  ON: The Picton Gazette Publishing Co., 1977 (31pp)
Graham, Howard.  Citizen and Soldier: The Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Howard Graham  Toronto, ON: McClelland and Stewart, 1987 (304pp)
Mowat, Farley  And No Birds Sang
Mowat, Farley My Father's Son: Memories of War and Peace  Key Porter Books Limited, 1992.
Mowat, Farley  The Regiment   McLelland and Stewart Inc., Toronto, ON, 1955.
Smith, Kenneth B., Duffy's Regiment : A History of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Dundurn Press, Toronto, ON, 1987 (222 pp.)
signcan.gif (956 bytes) The 48th Highlanders of Canada Beattie, Kim, Dileas: History of the 48th Highlanders of Canada, 1929-1956 48th Highlanders of Canada, Toronto, ON, 1957. (847 pp.)
signqor.gif (981 bytes) Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Bercuson, David.  The Patricias: The Proud History of a Fighting Regiment   Stoddart, 2001.  (320pp)  ISBN 0773732985
Clegg, Howard  A Canuck in England: Journal of a Canadian Soldier Harrap, London, UK, 1942. (160pp.)
Frost, Charles Sydney Once a Patricia : Memoirs of a Junior Infantry Officer in World War II Vanwell Publishing, St. Catharines, ON, 1988.
Stevens, George Roy Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry: 1919-1957 (411 pp.)
Williams, Jeffery Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry: Leo Cooper ; in association with Secker & Warburg, London, 1985. (124 pp.)
signchaud.gif (973 bytes) The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada McDougall, Robert L.  A Narrative of War: From the Beaches of Sicily to the Hitler Line with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, 1943-1944  Golden Dog Press, Ottawa, ON, 1996   (204 pp.)
Roy, Reginald The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, 1919-1965 Evergreen Press, Vancouver, BC, 1969 (560 pp.)
signnb.gif (971 bytes) The Edmonton Regiment

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment

Brown, Shaun RG The Loyal Edmonton Regiment at War, 1943-1945 (Master's Thesis) Wilfrid Laurier University, 1984.
Stevens, George Roy A City Goes to War: History of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment (3PPCLI) Charters Publishing Company, Brampton, ON, 1965.
signhli.gif (969 bytes) Royal 22e Regiment Bernier, Serge The Royal 22e Regiment Art Global, Montréal, PQ, 1999.
signsdg.gif (979 bytes) The Carleton and York Regiment Tooley, Robert William Invicta : the Carleton and York Regiment in the Second World War New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB,1989 (471 pp.)
signnorn.gif (976 bytes) The West Nova Scotia Regiment Cameron, Susan M March to Etna: Memories of the West Nova Scotia Regiment in Sicily Convoy Press, Halifax, NS, 1997.
Raddall, Thomas.   West Novas  Liverpool, UK: 1947

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Second Canadian  Division


signcamo.gif (978 bytes)

The Toronto Scottish Regiment Grant, D.W. Carry On : the History of the Toronto Scottish Regiment (M.G.) : 1939-1945  Vancouver, B.C., 1949.
signwpg.gif (965 bytes) The Royal Regiment of Canada Goodspeed, Donald James  Battle Royal : a History of the The Royal Regiment of Canada, 1862-1962 Royal Regiment of Canada Association, Toronto, c1962.
signreg.gif (969 bytes) The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Greenhous, Brereton (Editor)  Semper Paratus : the History of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment), 1862-1977 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Historical Association, Hamilton, ON,  1977.
signcan.gif (956 bytes) The Essex Scottish Regiment Meanwell, R.W.  1 Bn. The Essex Scottish Regiment (Allied with the Essex Regiment) 1939-1945: A Brief Narrative.   The Wellington Press, Welland, ON, 1946
signqor.gif (981 bytes) The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada Hutchison, Paul P.  Canada's Black Watch: The First 100 Years (1862-1962)  The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, Don Mills, ON, 1962.
signchaud.gif (973 bytes) Le Regiment de Maisonneuve Govin, Jacques (Editor)  Bon Coeur et Bon Bras: Regimental History of the Regiment de Maisonnueuve 1880-1980   Regiment de Maisonneuve, Montreal, PQ, 1980
Marchand, Gerard.  Le Regiment de Maisonneuves Vers la Victoire
signnb.gif (971 bytes) The Calgary Highlanders Farran, Roy Alexander The History of the Calgary Highlanders, 1921-54 Bryant Press, Calgary, AB, 1955.
Bercuson, David Jay Battalion of Heroes : the Calgary Highlanders in World War II  Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation,Calgary, AB, 1994.
Holm, Frank P.  A Backwards Glance: The Personal Story of an Infantry Signaller With The Calgary Highlanders in World War II   Frank P. Holm, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, 1989.
signhli.gif (969 bytes) Les Fusiliers Mont Royal  
signsdg.gif (979 bytes) The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada Tyler, G.C.A.  The Lion Rampant: A Pictorial History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 1910-1985.   Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, Winnipeg, MB, 1985.
Queen-Hughes, R.W. Whatever Men Dare: History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, 1935-1960  The Regiment, Winnpeg, MB, 1960.

signnorn.gif (976 bytes)

The South Saskatchewan Regiment Buchanan, G.B.  The March of the Prairie Men  Midwest Litho Ltd., Saskatoon, SK, 1957

3flag.gif (1088 bytes)
Third Canadian  Division

signcamo.gif (978 bytes) The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (M.G.) Ross,Lt. Col. Richard M., OBE. The History of the 1st Battalion Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (M.G.)
signwpg.gif (965 bytes) The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Tascona, Bruce and Eric Wells. Little Black Devils: A History of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles
signreg.gif (969 bytes) The Regina Rifle Regiment 1st Battalion, The Regina Rifle Regiment, 1939-1946. No author, published by the Regiment.
Brown, Gordon, DSO, MID, NBL and Copp, Terry.  Look to Your Front: Regina Rifles: A Regiment at War 1944-45  (Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies, 2001)
Mein, Stewart A.G. Up the Johns! The Story of the Royal Regina Rifles
signcan.gif (956 bytes) 1st Battalion, The Canadian Scottish Regiment Roy, Reginald H. Ready for the Fray (The History of The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)1920-1955)
signqor.gif (981 bytes) The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Barnard, Lt. Col W.T., . Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada 1860-1960
Martin, Charles Cromwell, DCM, MM. Battle Diary
Whitsead, Roy  Canadians: A Battalion At War
signchaud.gif (973 bytes) Le Régiment de la Chaudière Ross, Major Armand, DSO. Le Geste du Régiment de la Chaudière
signnb.gif (971 bytes) The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment Bird, Will R. North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
signhli.gif (969 bytes) The Highland Light Infantry of Canada Bartlett, Jack Fortune. 1st Battalion The Highland Light Infantry of Canada 1940-1945
Snowie, Allan J. Bloody Buron: The Battle of Buron, Normandy - 8 July 1944 Erin, ON: Boston Mills Press, 1984
signsdg.gif (979 bytes) The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders Boss, William and W.J. Patterson.  Up the Glens : the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, 1783-1994 Old Book Store, Cornwall, Ont , 1995.

signnorn.gif (976 bytes)

The North Nova Scotia Highlanders Bird, Will R. No Retreating Footsteps: The Story of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders

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Fourth Canadian (Armoured) Division

 54.gif (974 bytes)

The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor)

Stanley, George F. G. In the Face of Danger: The History of The Lake Superior Regiment: Lake Superior Scottish Regiment, Port Arthur, ON. c1960.
signqor.gif (981 bytes)

10th Independent Machine Gun Company (The New Brunswick Rangers)

signchaud.gif (973 bytes)

The Lincoln and Welland Regiment

Rogers, R. L. The History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment Ottawa, ON, 1954 (465 pp.)
Hayes, Geoffrey William, The Lincs : A History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment At War  Maple Leaf Route, Alma, ON, 1986. (139 pp.)
Hayes, Geoffrey William The Friction of War: A Study of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment, 1940-1945 (Master's Thesis) : National Library of Canada, Ottawa, ON. c1985.
signnb.gif (971 bytes)

The Algonquin Regiment

Cassidy, G. L. Warpath : From Tilly-la-Campagne to the Kusten Canal   PaperJacks, Markham, ON,1948.
argyl.gif (981 bytes)

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's)

Fraser, Robert L.,Black yesterdays : The Argylls' War  Argyll Regimental Foundation, Hamilton, ON,  1996.(608 pp.)

5flag.gif (1095 bytes)
Fifth Canadian (Armoured) Division

   11th Independent Machine Gun Company (The Princess Louise Fusiliers) &
12th Independent Machine Gun Company (The Princess Louise Fusiliers)
signcan.gif (956 bytes) The Westminster Regiment (Motor) Oldfield, J.E.   The Westminsters' War Diary: An Unofficial History of the Westminster Regiment (Motor) in World War II  Vancouver BC: Mitchell Press, 1964
signchaud.gif (973 bytes) The Perth Regiment Johnston, Stafford. The Fighting Perths : The Story of the First Century in the Life of a Canadian County Regiment  Stratford, Ont. : Perth Regiment Veterans Association, 1964.
Scislowski, Stanley.  Not All Of Us Were Brave  Toronto, Dundurn Press, 1997.
signnb.gif (971 bytes) The Cape Breton Highlanders Cederberg, Fred.  The Long Road Home Toronto, ON: 1984
Morrison, Alex.  The Breed of Manly Men: The History of the Cape Breton Highlanders   Toronto, ON: Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, 1994.

argyl.gif (981 bytes)

The Irish Regiment of Canada Rowland, Barry D.  The Padre   Scarborough, ON: Consolidated Amethyst Communications Inc., 1982 ISBN 0-920474-25-X. 
signreg.gif (969 bytes) The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment Cederberg, Fred.  The Long Road Home Toronto, ON: 1984
signwpg.gif (965 bytes) IV Princess Louise Dragoon Guards Jackson, Harold McGill The Princess Louise Dragoon Guards: A History 1951

para.jpg (3170 bytes)

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Hartigan, Daniel Ronald.  A Rising of Courage: Canada's Paratroops in the Liberation of Normandy  Calgary, AB: Drop Zone Publishers, 2000

Nolan, Brian.  Airborne: The Heroic Story of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in the Second World War  Toronto, ON: Lester Publishing, 1995.

Rice, Gary Harold.  Paratrooper: The Story of 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion's First Regimental Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class I Wendell James (Knobby) Clark  Carleton Place, ON: Gehr Pub., 1999

Willes, John A.  Out of the Clouds: The History of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion  Port Perry, ON: Port Perry Printing, 1982

crest.gif (1999 bytes)

2nd Canadian Parachute Battalion

(First Special Service Force)

Adleman, Robert H.  The Devil's Brigade  Toronto, ON: Bantam Books of Canada, 1967

Burhans, Robert D.  The First Special Service Force: A War History of the North Americans 1942-1944  Nashville, TN: Battery Press, 1981

Coottingham, Peter Layton.  Once Upon A Wartime  Neepawa, MB: P.L. Cottingham, 1996

Peppard, Herb: The Lighthearted Soldier: A Canadian's Exploits with the Black Devils in WW II  Halifax, NS: Nimbus Publishing Ltd., 1994

Canadian Women's Army Corps
cwacbad.gif (2222 bytes) General History

Conrad, William Hugh Athene: The Canadian Women's Army Corps: Their Story Dartmouth, NS: Wm. McNab and Son Ltd., 1983 ISBN 0969149204

Gossage, Carolyn.  Greatcoats and Glamour Boots: Canadian Women at War, 1939-1945   Toronto, ON: Dundurn Press, 2001

Hawker, Harriett.  It Was Her War Too  Edmonton, AB:  H & P Hawker, 1996

Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
rceme.gif (1856 bytes) General History

Johnston, Murray.  The Story of the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and of the Land Ordnance Engineering Branch  1984

Canadian Intelligence Corps
cic.gif (3483 bytes) General History

The Canadian Intelligence Corps  Ottawa, ON: Queen's Printer, 1952